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Mining cryptocurrencies is one of the new ways of making some additional money, a passive source of income. The main ways of mining crypto are
Mining with hardware and software
Cloud mining, investing in a mining setup and getting some returns on the investment

While mining using hardware and required software was very popular a few years ago, there has been a great decline in this type of mining. Most people do not have the expertise and resources to invest in hardware . They also do not have sufficient space in their home, and the electricity bill is often very high

Instead most people are investing in cloud mining. The cloud miners are collecting money from the investors and purchasing the hardware, software required for mining. Depending on the funds available and the risk which the miner wishes to take, most mining websites offer the investors various options for mining. Some of the mining websites will offer a small amount of hash power for free, just for registration

Like other investment options, the returns for the investor will depend to a large extent on the amount which has been invested. Often a bonus is offered for investing a large amount. For most English mining websites, an investment of at least $10 is required. There are some Russian mining sites which are also popular , and the investment required for cloud mining is usually lower at 10 Rubles. Some of the russian websites are offering 72% monthly returns for investors

There are other crypto mining websites like Tik Mining, Whalemining and others, due to lack of funds, these websites are not reviewed yet.

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